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I love being a model. I am 100% serious about my craft. I don't take modeling as a hobby, but please know, I'm very passionate about my work.

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Talent Thursday- Makeup Artist- Bibi Madera

Bibi Madera is a  freelance makeup artist. Madera is the owner of makeup by Bibi, she had an interest in makeup, Fashion and hair at a very young age.  After years in the field of beauty she felt more comfortable behind the scenes.  Madera is not just a makeup artist she has many other talents in the arts including painting, decorations and organizing  parties and many oth…


Photographer Friday – Derrick Logan – Sept. 13, 2013

[gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="2530,2528,2529"]   Derrick Logan a visual creative artist from south jersey, who capturing life in frames. Derrick is a Photographer/Videographer from Southern New Jersey who has a great passion for photography and video. Logan loves to creative. When making art, Logan believes that there are not any guidelines. To him, creative minds have no limits…


Breaking into Modeling

To me,when breaking into the modeling industry, you need to have the key to “target marketing”. There are so many different markets around the world to explore. Pretty much, those markets are the obvious agents, angencies, scouts, and so on. You really don’t have to target all of them that would be time wasted. You will need to narrow down that search by figuring out exactly what doors need to be …


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