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I love being a model. I am 100% serious about my craft. I don't take modeling as a hobby, but please know, I'm very passionate about my work.

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Photogapher Friday- #MRWESLEYBROWN

[gallery link="file" ids="2602,2601,2600"]   Multi-Media producer Wesley Brown is the Chief Executive Officer of the production company #MrWesleyBrown. Mr. Brown has over seven years of technical and college training resulting in a Bachelors of Mass Communication in TV and Radio from Lock Havening University and a Bachelors of Motion Graphics and Visual Effects from the Art Institute of…


Breaking into Modeling

To me,when breaking into the modeling industry, you need to have the key to “target marketing”. There are so many different markets around the world to explore. Pretty much, those markets are the obvious agents, angencies, scouts, and so on. You really don’t have to target all of them that would be time wasted. You will need to narrow down that search by figuring out exactly what doors need to be …

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Welcome to

I am sooo  excited my website is finally up and running. Please do explore and enjoy the site.  I have been working on a few private projects that are coming out soon , so, I’ve been a little busy, but its go time ladies and gents. Hope you guys are ready for me, because, I’m ready to show the world who Kyra Nicole is Model and Actress. I am ready to work. :) Become a member to comment…


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